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Open For All Countries
Japanese Language Short Term Course
In Jakarta
Basic, Intermediate, Advance

Period 丗2006, July 6rd - July 19th
Place 丗Jakarta Communication Club - in Jakarta, Indonesia http://jccindonesia.com
Fee US$300/30times lesson+ other fee(optional schedule, aacommodation, extra classes, etc)
Application 丗Before June 30th(Fri)2006. For questions and application please send it by email to jcc@dnet.net.id

date day 8:45-10:15 10:30-12:00 13:00-14:30
1 6 thu Picking up
2 7 fri Opening Lesson Lesson
3 8 sat Tour
4 9 sun -
5 10 mon Lesson Lesson Lesson
6 11 tue Lesson Lesson Lesson
7 12 wed Lesson Lesson Lesson
8 13 thu Lesson Lesson Lesson
9 14 fri Lesson Lesson Lesson
10 15 sat Tour
11 16 sun -
12 17 mon Lesson Lesson Lesson
13 18 tue Lesson Lesson Lesson
14 19 wed Lesson Lesson Lesson
15 20 thu Lesson Lesson Closing

Optional Schedule

Optional Explaination
Jakarta Sight Seeing Tour (US$30) Istiqlal Mosque,Katedral Church,Sunda Kelapa Bay,Museums,etc(including lunch at Japanese restaurant).
Shopping&Japanese Food Tour (US30)
Transport picking up /sending off (US$10乣) Aiport - hotel, hotel - airport by JCC's car.
Culture Class Japanese paper doll Class(US$45/3times) Learning how to make Japanese paper doll.

Japanese Food Cooking Class(US$60/3times)

Try to cook Japanese traditional food like Sukiyaki, Tempura, Sushi & etc...
Japanese songs Class(US$20/2times) Can you speak Japanese very well? Now try to learn & sing some Japanese songs!
Japanese Traditional Clothes(US$10/Once) Find your own experience by trying Japanese traditional clothes: Kimono/Yukata!.
Syodo class(US$45/3times) You can feel relax while you learn how to Syodo.
Accommodations Maharaja hotel丂丂丂
superior-US$45, Standard-US$40
bathroom, toilet, AC, buffet breakfast, restaurant, fitness centre & salon
Home stay Staff/JCC's student's house
AC-US$20, NonAC-US$20
cleaning, laundry, ironing, including breakfast

Example Fees

Course+Home stay

Course+Home stay+Transportation+Sight Seeing+Study Tour


Course+Hotel+Sight Seeing+Study Tour+Indonesian food cooking class

Jakarta Communication Club

JCC1- Jl.Cipaku2 No.27 Kebayoran Baru Jakarta Selatan 12170 INDONESIA
(TEL) 7203966/72791829 (FAX) 7203966

JCC2 - Jl.Cipaku2 No.4 Kebayoran Baru Jakarta Selatan 12170 INDONESIA
(TEL) 7257266/7250530 (FAX) 7257266